Diving in Layang-Layang

Layang-Layang is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations,
with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb
dive sites hidden within.

Marine Life Highlights in Layang-Layang

Yellow-Breasted-Wrasse|Diving in Layang-layang
Yellow Breasted Wrasse
Titan-Triggerfish|Diving in Layang layang
Titan Triggerfish
Bristletooth|Diving in Layang layang

Diving in Layang-Layang

Layang-Layang Island is a breath taking secluded islet-like ring of 13 linked reefs in a 14 square kilometer area that is truly one of the nature’s best creations.

The entire island is only 7.5 kilometer long and 2 kilometer wide swarming with a lush biodiversity of aquatic life. Stretching out 300 kilometer northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Layang-Layang has turned out to be one of the most ideal destinations for the diving enthusiasts who relentlessly search for new adventures and challenges. The eastern part end of the islet is a preferential nesting side for various species of wandering birds such as Black-naped Terns, Great Crested Terns, Sooty Terns, Brown Noddies, and Brown Boobies. For this reason, Layang-Layang Island is not only a traveler’s haven but a bird watcher’s paradise as well.

Layang-Layang Island lies in one of the most vehemently disputed pieces of realty in the entire world – thus for the most part, it serves as Malaysia’s assertion to tenure of this portion of the Spratlys like those which are contiguous to her terrestrial area.

The reef scenery of Layang-Layang is fundamentally made up of an abounding growth of hard corals; a few of them are petty that they rupture surface for the period of low tides, however most start at profundities of approximately 5 meters and the wall plummets to approximately 2000 meters toward the ocean floor. The deep water fascinates many pelagic and offers a few exciting experiences off the wall. Fishes of each kind and color whooshing in and out of dainty pastel corals are also a common spectacle in this undersea playground.

The best time to dive in Layang-Layang Island is from April through October because during these months the weather is warm and sunny. And the rainy season is from November to March. The water temperature varies from 79 to 86 degrees or 26 Celcius to 30 Celcius the whole year round.

The easiest way to get to Layang-Layang is via airplane. There are many airlines that fly to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia as Layang-Layang has become a very well-known diving destination. From Kota Kinabalu, a 60-minute chartered flight will be boarded to reach Layang Layang Island.

The most convenient routes to Airport Kota Kinabalu will be through Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore.

Best Diving Season: April to October
Weather: November to March Rainy Season
Water Temperature: 26-30°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Hammerheads Shark, Foxface Rabbitfish, Bristletooth, Titan Triggerfish, Yellow Breasted Wrasse, Foxface Rabbitfish
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 40m

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